10 Ways to Spring Into Cooler Clothing from Salvation Army

Living in Geneva New York, the cold temperatures has everyone bundled up for harsh, brisk, weather. Once the sun starts shining and the Quad is cleared of snow, our wardrobes move away from big sweaters, leggings, and bean boots. Let our legs and arms finally feel the few weeks of nicer, warm, welcoming temperatures, that Geneva has to offer. Since our college is based in a more rural area, with the closest malls and stores an hour away, there are hidden gems to prepare your wardrobe for Spring at the Salvation Army. Here are your top ten finds for spring attire in Geneva's Salvation Army that is located across from Walmart on 5 and 20!


1. Blue Jeans in the Men's Section

Men’s jeans are typically high wasted, and can be pulled off for the perfect “mom jean” look. Add a few rips to the pants and you got yourself a trendy pair of jeans for Spring.

2. Pastel Pants in the Women’s Section

Grandma’s old highwaisted pants, make for another pair of jeans that are color coordinated to Spring’s theme of bright, creamy, happy shades of warmth.

3. Tie Dyed Shirts

Go to the pajama section of Salvation Army to find the shirts people normally sleep in, that can be cut and transformed into a cute top to go with the high-waisted men’s jeans you found.

4. Men’s Section Flannels

Most of the time flannels are worn during Fall and Winter, but in Geneva there are those random days where it feels like 30 degrees in the Spring. The flannel can be worn as a short dress or be tied around your waist for those inconvenient colder days.

5. Bags and Satchels

Most people forget that Salvation Army is only good for clothing. Most people turn in smaller bags and satchels that are sometimes even real leather! Small bags are perfect to hold your One-card, dorm keys and gum in for a nigh out.

6. Shoes!!!

Looking for a pair of sandals that are cute, but are willing to take a beating from a night out of spilled drinks and muddy grass from snow melting?! Salvation Army will probably have something in your size. PS: Shoes can be hard to find in your size at used clothing stores because they are dontated. 

7. Belts

What’s a bag without a belt? Belts are either a hit or miss when shopping at consignment stores.

8. Cover Ups in the Women’s Section

When the weather gets really warm, you’re going to need a dress or long shirt to throw over your bathing suit when you take a trip down to Seneca Lake. Some cute stripe prints and loose fitting clothing makes for the ultimate lake lounge outfit.

9. Chiffon Shirts

The fabric alone is a lightweight easy shirt that can be paired with any type of bottom for a pretty day or night ensemble. Whether you’re chilling on the Quad doing homework, or heading downtown to Eddie O’s for a nice dinner, the chiffon shirts at Salvation Army have you covered for any event on the weekend!

10. Plain T's in the Boy's Section

And last but not least, and the simplest of them all, try the children’s, boy section for plain tshirts. It may sound weird, but some of the children’s clothing can have a crop and fitted style that best fits your torso. Plain tshirts are a must for those lazier days when you want to dress down.