• Power to the First Ladies

    Happy President’s Day! As a day originally celebrated to honor George Washington, it has slowly grown to include the celebration of all our...

  • My Travel Nightmare

    Traveling is stressful and everyone worries that something may go wrong. Well, while I was traveling home for winter break, something went...

  • Geneva's Best Hidden Treasures

    As a freshman at HWS I never really took advantage of having a car on campus in terms of exploring Geneva. My sophomore year I started exploring a lot more and now after having a semester away from campus I am finding myself rediscovering all my favorite treasures that Geneva has to offer.

  • My First Week in Morocco

    I had no idea what to expect when I arrived in Morocco. What would it look like? How did people dress? How did they act? Would I understand...

  • It's Brunch Time!

    Here are all the best places for HWS students to eat breakfast, brunch, OR lunch on the weekends!

  • Campus Cutie: Rylee Wernoch '21

    Hobart and William Smith’s Campus Cutie of the week is Rylee Wernoch! Rylee is currently a first year at HWS and is a Biology and...

  • Coming Back to Your College from Abroad: The Adjustment Period

    After spending a semester abroad I'm sure most students such as myself, were extremely anxious to get back to campus. I missed my friends, I missed my routine and I honestly missed my simple college student life in Geneva, New York. I knew I had "grown up" while in Italy and changed a little bit for the better in terms of independence and confidence, but I thought I would come back to school and everything would be just how I left it and I would fall instinctively back into my old patterns. In reality I could not have been more wrong.

  • A Great a New Show to Binge

    The show the "End of the F***ing World" which just came out on Netflix is not only aptly named, but also perfectly timed. At a time when it...

  • Panties and Empowerment

    I believe in the practice of buying expensive underwear. Because you can and because you deserve it. Because there is a certain kind of...

  • The Flu Outbreak (HWS and Beyond)

    As I’m sure we’re all aware, it’s flu season again, folks. That means no sharing food, no coughing on strangers’ necks in class, and...

  • Must-See Cities in Italy!

    After having lived in Italy for a little over two months now, and having done my fair share of traveling within the country, I like to think I know Italy somewhat decently. Yes all of Europe is insanely beautiful and there are so many places to see and things to do, but trust me if you dedicate some time to Italy you will see a little bit of everything and fall in love with this country as much as I have.

  • How to Spend the Holidays!

    As we are all acutely aware, the holidays are fast approaching. But as we are painfully aware, it is the busiest time of year, especially...

  • Some of the WORST Things That Can Happen To You While Abroad

    When students talk about their time spent studying abroad, most usually sugarcoat it and choose to tell you about all the good things rather than about their bad experiences. But YES those bad experiences do exist and I figured I'd share with you a couple of them (some of which happened to me personally.)

  • Campus Cutie: Jonavin Freeman '21

    Hobart and William Smith’s Campus Cutie of the week is Jonavin Freeman! Jon is currently a first year at HWS and plans on being a...


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