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The Winter by Noa Danesh

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hunter chapter.

The Winter

Ignore the winter  the summer is manic  will last forever a summer  of the mind  a sweet sweet  Santa Monica or Echo Park  of the mind 100 degree  weather ignore the winter forever.  All things of beauty live  forever I am still growing  I moved  I came  I grew I fell the winter will never come again  I had a vision I spoke to Allen  he told me of Blake  he told me of me.  The loneliness he said  it comes and then it goes  and you have less  hope but  see more than  before. Here,  he said, now  you can survive.  What a blessing.  I can survive  I came I grew I died in  New York City  I froze  and didn’t speak for months,  the words came and went and then all at once, once  again, the summer;  yet I ignored the winter, and it can’t stay forever  silent. New York  your solitude stabbing  at hidden, skies  do you  understand the giants you  created have atrophied, their hearts  lost their foundation  crumbling?  New York, New York, the poet  of the past said to me  the words the words they still hold court  the king the king  of them all waiting, take now  a breath  next line  the king, ahem, deliberates holding his hope  until his fingers grow  tired but not  too tired as he is the king and must remain strong breath  ignore the winter  send delegations  daily, what are they doing they  are looking for  the perfect  word breath all  their crystalline essences forming  finally  messianic incantation breath  the word the one word in  which breath all else is contained  and a new day  more perfect than ever  before breath  we are waiting we are waiting for the skyscrapers  to fall to splinter  really shatter  and rise exactly  17  feet above the ground  and this breath and this breath and  this will be heaven.

This poem was written by Noa Danesh, a Hunter College Muse Scholar.