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Journalism major Susan Aksu transferred to HSU for its student-run radio station, KRFH.

“When I was applying to different schools, I leaned more towards Humboldt because I knew students were seriously gaining experience,” Aksu said. She had heard from a friend who was majoring in broadcast journalism at HSU about all the fun she was having as a DJ on KRFH and the experience she was gaining from having complete control of the format of her show.

Aksu believes that KRFH’s popularity on RadioFlag, a social networking site for Internet radio, and the buzz it created in participation with College Radio Day is what landed her an internship with, a Los Angeles based radio station.

KRFH now has the opportunity to win an mtvU Woodie Award, but the station needs your help! Vote here to nominate Radio Free Humboldt as your favorite student-run radio station. mtvU will honor the top student run college radio station in the country with the “College Radio Woodie” award.

Radio Free Humboldt is consistently one of RadioFlag’s top stations. RadioFlag honored KRFH last semester with its RadioFlag Spirit award for the station’s supreme efforts with College Radio Day.

“You have talent and personality,” said RadioFlag listener Jellyfish when asked why KRFH should win the Woodie.

When asked the same question, another user by the name of Serendipity said, “because you make the world a brighter lighter place.”

KRFH is student-run and that gives listeners a really unique experience. We don't conform to formats, yet we're professional and we always give the listeners what they want — good music.” said Aksu, who eventually worked her way up to the station’s events manager.

Clyde Mailes, former general manager at KRFH, said he knew he had to get involved with the station the second he saw it.

“It was my favorite part of my HSU experience,” Mailes said. “Real people playing real music. You never know what is going to happen on KRFH.”

Chris Phillips is KRFH’s self-proclaimed number one fan. As last semester’s production manager, he helped KRFH skyrocket into the college radio success it is today. During his time on the management team, KRFH nearly tripled its fan base.

KRFH is perfect for today’s age, when so many people like so many kinds of music and don’t ever want to be bored,” Phillips said. “The incredible character, identity and sound of the production creates an entertainment experience second to none in radio.”

KRFH General Manager Eli Rohl attributes some of the station’s popularity to its unique program Local Lixx, which airs every Thursday at 7 p.m. PST. Each week, Local Lixx brings a local band into the KRFH studios and they play live on the air. Most weeks, KRFH listeners can come into the studio and watch the band play for free.

Local Lixx is one of the only truly ‘indie’ band experiences you'll find on college radio,” Rohl said. “It doesn't get more grassroots than Lixx.”

Radio Free Humboldt reaches a wider audience than just HSU students and local music enthusiasts. The station has listeners in China, New Zealand and France, not to mention fans across the United States.

“I listen to KRFH because my friend is a DJ,” said Gentiana Quni, a student at Fordham University in New York. “The DJs all have their own unique taste so its nice to listen to various kinds of music”

Be sure to submit your nomination for KRFH for the mtvU College Radio Woodie. Don’t let KRFH go unnoticed!

*Editor's note: The author is on the management staff of KRFH.