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Invisible Children: “They’re Part of This World”

Invisible Children is an organization based in San Diego, Calif. that is completely devoted to ending the longest running war in Africa. This war has broken apart families and taken too many lives. IC uses media to spread the word and gain support. They are doing an incredible job in Africa, but the work is not over yet.

International Studies major Caryn DeFrees is a member of the Humboldt State chapter of the organization. The Invisible Children Club at HSU will be hosting a screening of IC’s latest film, KONY 2012 on Tuesday, February 28. You can catch the film for free in the Kate Buchanan Room on the HSU campus at 7 p.m.

The film is focused specifically on the leader of the rebel army, Joseph Kony. The Lord's Resistance Army is a militant group with a syncretic Christian extreme religious ideology, known for the extreme atrocities they commit against civilians, including killings, mutilations, and in some accounts even cannibalism.

In addition to showing the film, the Invisible Children Club at HSU has invited a guest speaker: a young woman who grew up in a conflict zone in Uganda.

By attending this screening, you’ll be helping raise money to expand IC’s Early Warning Radio Network — a collection of radio towers that allow remote communities to access the information they need to protect themselves against the LRA.

What else can HSU students do to help? The Invisible Children Club at HSU is always welcoming new members. They hold book drives and fundraisers throughout the year to support the organization. You can also donate to IC directly or get involved with one of their projects.

Why should we help? DeFrees said that we need to be aware of what’s happening in this world.

“It’s called ‘Invisible Children’ because children are being abducted and no one cares,” she said.

Since December of 2009, the LRA has caused 1012 civilian deaths and have abducted 2192 people.

“They’re part of this world,” DeFrees said. “Just because we’re in our own little bubble doesn’t mean we can pretend this isn’t happening.”

Zoe is a 19-year-old sophomore at Humboldt State University. She is majoring in journalism with minors in graphic design and dance. She is currently the Assistant General Manager and Head of PR for the student-run radio station, KRFH, and the Head Layout Editor for HSU's student newspaper, The Lumberjack. She has also worked as a writer, photographer, and designer for the campus magazine, Osprey. Zoe is ecstatic to be starting HSU's Her Campus branch. With hopes to one day work at a major women's magazine, Her Campus is a step in the right direction. Aside from being an aspiring journalist, Zoe enjoys performing (she's danced for five years, played the cello for 10, and done musical theatre for 12!), bike riding, and painting.
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