Cody Dawson '12

Major: Marine Biology
Hometown: Irvine, Calif.
Year: Senior
Hobbies: Tide pooling, pool, video games, watching sports, reading, hiking, and camping, of course.
Favorite thing about Humboldt State: It's proximity to the ocean and forest. I like how far away from big cities we are.
Favorite quote: "Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must live." — Charles Bukowski
One interesting fact about you: I can eat a slice of pizza in one bite. It's more disgusting than interesting really.
What’s your favorite song to sing in the shower? : I usually sing any song stuck in my head, but replace the lyrics with my own always comes out sounding like garbage
Favorite thing to cook/eat?: To cook: it would have to be surf and turf. A nice big steak with some jumbo prawns on the side. To eat: probably mac n' cheese.
What’s one thing you can’t live without?: Beer