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Why It’s Okay to be an Outfit Repeater

Whoever shames you for being an outfit repeater is the L word (loser). Being an outfit repeater shows that you are a responsible, eco-friendly person and are probably slaying so hard better than the person shamed you. Here is why being an outfit repeater is okay!

1. You can always change out the accessories

No two outfits are the same, so switch out your accessories and give it a slight differentiation.

2. Like who really is going to notice

Unless you post your life online, no one really cares that you wear an outfit twice.

3. Having a minimal amount of clothes is great for the environment!

You are being a great asset to the environment, because you are not wasting perfectly good clothes!

4. If you really care about being an outfit repeater go to the thrift store

Cheaper clothing, and being a responsible, eco-friendly human being!


Its okay to be a outfit repeater, you are more than just your clothes!

Mariah is 21-years-old senior at Hawaii Pacific University, majoring in Mass Communication concentrating in Advertising and Public Relations and minoring Marketing. On her free time, she likes to join extra-curricular activities at HPU, go to the beach, and hang out with her friends and family.
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