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The What, Why, and How of Cuffing Season

Tis the cuffing season! If you are single, start dating! If you are involved, get serious! If you don’t know what cuffing season is, keep reading!

Cuffing season is the result of cold and isolating weather making people desperate for warm hugs and intimacy. Cuffing season begins in the fall and lasts through most of the winter until Valentine’s Day. During this time, anyone in a romantic relationship is rewarded with emotional, physical, and sometimes materialistic benefits.

Emotional Benefits

Winter is supposed to be jolly, but you are left lonely in the cold, dark winter. Winter has known to have devastating effects on your psychological health. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is the occurrence of depressive moods during the winter months. Lack of sunlight and social activity are expected to be large contributions to this phenomenon. Fortunately, if you are cuffed you can maintain social interaction with your partner and although they can not change how the sun rises and sets, they can be a new light in your life.

Physical Benefits

Besides obvious physical benefits that come with an intimate relationship, a significant other during the cold winter months can bring you warmth in your life. During the cold months cuddling with your partner is a great way to stay warm. Healthy and appropriate physical touch from other people lowers the stress hormone cortisol and releases the love hormone oxytocin. Lower cortisol and higher oxytocin together allow happier moods, higher self-esteem, improved cognitive function, and boosted immune system. So, from physical touch, you can gain emotional benefits too, all while you are cuddling to stay warm with your partner.

Gift Giving

Cuffing season conveniently aligns with widely celebrated gift-giving holidays. Since these holidays are often emotionally heavy, it is inappropriate to cuff with the single motive of receiving gifts. However, if two people are already cuffed and are receiving emotional and physical benefits, they may indulge themselves in material benefits too. Gift-giving can be complicated, especially with a potentially only seasonal relationship. My two rules for gift exchanging is to never give a gift expecting to receive one, and never to expect a gift without giving one.

Cuffing the Right Way

Cuffing season can be extremely rewarding, but only if celebrated the right way. Before committing to a cuffing season-induced relationship, be sure to know what your desires are and find a partner with who you can communicate. If you do not want a serious relationship, then thoroughly communicate your expectations before entering into one, especially if you are just expecting a seasonal commitment. If you are prepared to celebrate safely and respectfully, then I wish you a merry cuffing season!


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