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What a Semester as a HC Writer Has Taught Me

This fall, I started writing for Her Campus after my roommate had been talking about the club (non-stop) for about a year. I finally decided to give it a chance, and I really appreciate the things I have learned and the people I have met this semester through Her Campus. I have gained experience and knowledge I wouldn’t want to live without. 

My passion for writing

I have always known deep down that I like to write, but it was after I joined Her Campus, I understood how much I enjoy writing. The difference between writing for an online magazine and not my professors is that I can actually write about something that interests me and I care about. I can express my thoughts and opinions without being scared of getting a bad grade. Writing is a powerful skill, and you can really make a difference if you know what you’re doing. It’s nice to know that through my writing, I can connect with others and maybe help or inspire someone. 

Brainstorming can happen anywhere and anytime.

It’s weird because I can get THE best article or project ideas at the most random moments. Moments where I’m about to fall asleep, I’m in the middle of a workout, or I’m in the shower. When those moments hit, I always say to myself, “Helene, pause whatever you’re doing right now because you need to write this down.” Then, I usually run around the apartment looking for either my phone or my journal so that I can write down my ideas. After I’m done brainstorming for 2 minutes, I can continue with whatever I was doing. To be honest, I love those moments; the feeling of inspiration is so unique, and I can feel the creativity boil inside me. 

It’s all about prioritizing.

Last year, whenever someone asked me if I wanted to join a club, I always said that I didn’t have the time for it. Her Campus has taught me that I have time for more than I think as long as I learn to prioritize right. I have always been an organized person, but when I joined HC, I knew I had to plan out my days better so that I could have time to both do homework and write articles. Prioritizing the right things can be challenging, but I have learned that practice makes perfect, and I don’t think you will regret it as long as you prioritize whatever feels right in that exact moment.


Thanks for talking me into joining Her Campus, Mya <3


Hellooo!! My name is Helene, and I'm a junior (academically ;)) ) majoring in Multimedia Cinematic Production here at HPU. I'm originally from Norway, so that explains all of my spelling mistakes ++ I'm really excited for my first year as a writer for HC, and can't wait to write for someone else other than my professors!
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