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Top 3 Podcast for Marketing Majors

Every college student has once gone through the motions of not knowing what major is right for them and what industry they want to work in. One way to figure out what major or minor they want to get is by listening to people in the field. For marketing students, instead of talking one on one with an expert in marketing; you can also tune into a podcast where people talk about marketing for hours. There is so much information you can soak up by listening to experts from around the world in the field of marketing. This gives you an understanding of what they actually do, familiarize you with the terminology, keeps you updated in the field, and helps you figure out if this is something you can see yourself doing.  For those who are majoring, minoring, or interested in marketing, check out these three podcasts.

  1. Marketing School

Are you looking for a short, upbeat, and informative podcast? Then Marketing School by entrepreneurs Neil Patel and Eric Siu are perfect for you. Between your classes or on your lunch break, check out their 10-minute daily podcast on digital marketing. Patel and Siu show up every day with high energy to give you tips to boost your business. College students should listen to episode 1452 10 Powerful Marketing Skills You Can’t Learn in College.

    2. The Digital Marketing Podcast 

Do you want to learn more about the newest tools, strategies, and techniques in the digital market? The Digital Marketing Podcast is by Target Internet and hosted by two digital marketing experts Daniel Rowles and Ciaran Rogers. They created this podcast to keep people in the field updated by interviewing global experts and talking about the newest trends. Their target audience may not be college students but there is so much you can learn. If you have 20 to 30 minutes to spare go check out their weekly podcast. If you don’t know where to start check out Twitter, Social Promotion, and Facebook Attribution July 9, 2020. 

  3. Marketing Over Coffee 

Do you want to hear about the newest marketing and technology strategies during your spare time? Every Thursday, there is a new 20-to-30 minute podcast. The host John J. Wall, a partner at a marketing analytics consulting firm at Trust insights, focuses on reliable marketing strategies and the technology needed. A great portion of his podcast is interviews with special guests such as Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Ann Handley, and so much more. To learn more about the technology that is used for marketing, go head over to Marketing Over Coffee. With school and social events going online, this podcast posted on Aug. 28, 2020, Talking Hybrid Events with Ben McMahon, talks about how one company is helping businesses to improve their online/hybrid events.  


Julia Matsumoto is the Co-Presedent and Marketing for the Hawaii Pacific University Her Campus Chapter. She will graduate in 2022 with a major in Communication and Mass Communication.
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