Tips on Being an Amazing Student

It’s happening! Winter break is officially over and we are back to being full time students… sigh. But does this semester really have to suck? Nope! Here are four ways to help you feel like an amazing student:

1. Pay attention to the smart professors

There are those professors who never answer their e-mails and suck at lecturing (reading paragraphs directly off PowerPoint slides.). Then, there are professors who spend hours and hours actually working on making their class the best it can be. Make sure to give those incredible professors the credit they deserve, and take advantage of what they’re trying to teach you.

2. Confused? Take notes!

Don’t be one of those students who come to class and stare at their phones without a notebook or laptop open. What are you doing?!?! If you get confused easily in class, focus on the professor’s voice and take great notes. I like to type my notes, so I don’t miss anything the professor is saying—test dates, assignment instructions, even a funny joke. They looove when you laugh at their jokes.

3. E-mail, e-mail, e-mail

Check ya damn e-mail! Everyone is always trying to reach you via e-mail with important messages about job opportunities, leadership opportunities, and important deadlines. I was late to two of my classes because the professor e-mailed classroom changes and I didn’t check… don’t be like me!

4. Join a club, any club

This will help if you don’t have any references. Being able to join and familiarize yourself with people in an academic club will help so much when it comes to finding out about cool opportunities and fun events happening around campus. You’ll even make a friend or two!

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