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Sounds of Pleasure

Euphonious; an agreeableness of sounds. It’s the “pleasing effect” to the ear that is, as the phrase suggests, pleasant sounding like marbles rolling on a tiled floor or heels clicking down the hallway. It’s the sound of pleasures that everyone enjoys but doesn’t know why.

If you have an Instagram, you might know what I’m talking about. It’s those videos that often feature a substance called “slime” that makes these satisfying “plopping” sounds. These sounds are made by squishing, stretching, folding, cutting and poking the slime. It can be mixed with color dye, glitter or even more slime.

Another trend is the mixing of paint. The person squeezes out different colors of paint onto a flat surface and uses a tool to fold the paint until the different colors of paint blend into one color. Sometimes, these videos start off with the paint being shaped as a solid object, then is cut into smaller pieces before mixing.

It’s the pleasure of sound, but why is it so pleasurable and satisfying? It’s because you can expect the outcome before performing the action. You KNOW that if you stretch the slime it’s going to be stretched, you KNOW that if you mix the different colors of paint they’re going to become a different color, and you KNOW that if you roll marbles on a tiled floor it’s going to make that “rolling” noise.

The sounds are agreeing to your ear, it’s the act of being euphonious. Other sounds such as the click of a vacuum sucking up crumbs, the sound of the ocean crashing onto the sound, the first bite of a crispy apple or crunch of a candy bar, and that “tskkk” of a soda can being popped open. You know what’s going to happen, so when it finally does make that noise you’re waiting to hear, it’s completely satisfying. It’s the sounds of pleasure. The better sound of music.

So the next time you’re stressing out over something, look for the sounds of pleasures around you. They’re there, you just have to listen for them.

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