My Go-To Midnight Snacks

I don’t know if you are like me, but I love snacking. Sometimes I snack more than I eat a regular meal - which isn't great, but hey I’m a growing college student right? I get especially hungry when I am working on homework assignments or watching a movie at night, and I just need something to do while I'm sitting there. Although when I do this, I tend to feel like crap in the morning and I end up not eating breakfast because I am too full from the night before. Here are some light snacks to have in the evening that will not make you feel overly full.


1. Popcorn

I LOVE POPCORN, especially Boom Chika Pop - that kind of popcorn that is light and airy and not covered in butter is my fave. This type of popcorn, especially for me, needs to be eaten in moderation because the sweet and salty flavor can be overwhelming.


2. Sandwich crackers

Sandwich crackers have been a favorite of mine ever since I was little. I love the peanut butter-filled cheddar crackers because it is the perfect blend of sweet and salty, and they also force you to drink water to help you digest it before you head off to bed.


3. Small pastries

I find small pastries like mini loaves of banana bread or muffins just satisfy that sweet tooth and also can be really filling really quickly so you don’t overeat.


4. Fruit packs

Fruit packs are a great way to get fruity flavor without having to cut up a whole bowl of fruits in the middle of the night. I really like those fruit squeezes in the little packages with a plastic spout (I know they are technically for babies and toddlers) but I think they are so refreshing when you put them in the fridge.


These are my main snacks that I like to have after dinner that will not make me overly full or make me skip breakfast. Hope these ideas help you when you are thinking of grabbing a midnight snack!