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Must-Have Products for the Best Summer Ever

1. Beach Hair, Don’t Care

Need a way to keep those beach waves intact as you rush from one summer activity to the next? Look no further – Bed Hed has Beach Freak Moisturizing Detangler Spray, Oh Be Hive Dry Shampoo, and Beach Me Wave Defining Gel to keep your hair fresh and light on-the-go.

2. Bold, Bombshell, Buxom

Buxom believes that bold lips lead to a big, bold, sexy life, and that every day should start with a tingle. These tingling, lip-plumping glosses will keep your lips full and ready to shine the whole summer long!



3. Free Fallin’

I dare you – name one thing better than a tall class of cold sweet tea on a hot summer day. Wait, there is something better – sweet tea in the form of a FACE MASK?! Freeman Beauty Face Masks provide all the nutrients you need to keep your face feeling fresh, plus you get to peel it off at the end in one oh-so-satisfying sheet.

4. It’s hot, it’s wild, it’s KRAZY

Admit it – we’ve all had that perfect summer outfit that makes us feel ready to take on anything, when all of a sudden your favorite sandal breaks. Have no fear, Krazy Glue is here! Use it to fix any everyday items from shoes, jewelry, or even your phone case (like I did!)

5. Smooth, Silky, Skintimate, Schick

Keep yourself feeling fresh, silky, and smooth with Skintimate shaving cream and Schick silk touch-up razors! Nothing goes better with those cute summer shorts than a close shave and a hydrating shaving cream.

Keep those summer vibes flowing with these fantastic beauty products!!

Katrina Hicks

Northwestern '19

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