Morning Routine: Expectation vs. Reality

Some people do their best work in the morning... or so I hear. For most people, however, there is often quite a disconnect between how we plan our mornings to go and how they actually go.

1. Waking up

Expectation: Wake up naturally, early enough that you have plenty of time to leisurely get ready for your day.

Reality: Wake up to a blaring alarm, hit the snooze button 7 times, roll out of bed ten minutes before you are supposed to be somewhere.

2. Breakfast

Expectation: A fresh omelet made of eggs and veggies that you picked up from the local farmer's market.

Reality: Stale toast, cereal, or literally nothing as you fly yourself out the door.

3. Outfit

Expectation: A well put together look comprised of a top, a bottom, matching shoes, and accessories.

Reality: A t-shirt with holes, no bra, and barely pants.

4. Hair and makeup

Expectation: Plenty of time to shower, style your hair, and apply makeup to complement your outfit.

Reality: A messy bun and the bare minimum (eyebrows > everything else)

5. Out the door checklist

Expectation: Run through your checklist in your head as you sip coffee - phone, laptop, chargers, wallet, keys - check!

Reality: Grab that half-dead phone and barely the keys to your apartment, then run in and out of the house and up and down the stairs as you forget 15 things in a row.

6. Coffee

Expectation: A freshly brewed cup made exactly the way you like at home, with plenty of time to sit down and savor it.

Reality: You're already late, plus what's another $5.50? Stop at Starbucks.