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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at HPU chapter.

Another Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! For so many, this is a time of love and appreciation for their significant other, but it can be hard for those singles out there. Not to worry! Being alone on Valentine’s Day does not mean that you have to feel “lonely.” Here are a few tips to get you through this holiday.

Watch Your Favorite Comfort Movies

Grab some popcorn and put on your all-time favorites! Rewatch all of the Harry Potter movies, Twilight, even Pride and Prejudice. Or grab your favorite comedy movies to make you laugh all day. Whatever movie genre you’re feeling or shows you want to binge-watch, spend your time surrounded by your favorite comfort characters.

Call up the People That Matter 

Even though you may not have that special person, try calling up the special people to you in different ways! You can video chat with your parents or grandparents or send cute Valentine’s cards to your friends. Check-in on others around you who may be feeling the same way you do on Valentine’s Day.

Galentine’s Day

February 13th is for the girls! If you’re not feeling up to February 14th, you can celebrate Galentine’s instead. Whether it’s over Zoom with your closest friends or a socially distanced get-together, you can spend time with your ride or dies who will always be there for you. 

Take Yourself on a Date 

Who says you even have to stay inside all day! Take yourself out for a self-care date, put on a cute outfit (don’t forget your mask!), and go to a safe place that will make you happy. Take yourself out to dinner, maybe watch a sunset at the beach, or go for a drive and listen to music. You could even pick up some flowers for yourself on the way if you feel like it. Or take some bomb self-timer pics for your Instagram.

Rearrange Your Space

If your room seems a little cluttered, take some time to organize your things! Even if it’s just making your bed or cleaning off your desk. Focus your mind on bettering the things around you to impact your mood and create a more relaxed space. Pick up a new plant to bring new life into your space or put up some new decorations like photos to make you smile.

Cook up Your Favorites

Spend some time in the kitchen! Bake a cake, cupcakes, or some sweet treats. Make yourself a nice pasta dish for dinner. Take some time to experiment with different ingredients and find your new favorite recipe. 


Don’t forget to focus on your mindset as well! Do some yoga to relax, or find your favorite meditation exercise, even a workout video! Maybe even try journaling or working on a vision board for your goals, or read your favorite book series. You can set good intentions for your future and make a list of the things you appreciate in your life.

Put That Playlist On

If you’re feeling down, throw on your favorite songs. Whether it’s your simp playlist to put you in those feels or your go-to “pick-me-up” songs, pick something that will make you feel excited and love yourself again. Maybe even a dance session around your room is in order.

Self Care Day

Pamper yourself! Draw up a bubble bath and put on a face or hair mask to make yourself feel your best. Put on your favorite pajamas and fuzzy socks combo to cuddle up with your stuffed animals to take a nap. Light your favorite candle while you give yourself the perfect manicure.


Los Angeles -> Honolulu I am a first-generation college student born and raised in Southern California. I'm currently majoring in Communications with a minor in Marketing at HPU and love my life on Oahu! My dream job would be working on an NHL social team due to my combined love of photography and hockey.