Kick Finals Week’s Ass With These Apps

Finals week is here and I know the struggle of trying to stay productive and focused - away from your phone and other medias during this stressful time. But instead of letting your phone be your antagonist, why not utilize it to help you study more efficiently? Is that even possible? Yes!

Here are some phone apps and websites I find extremely helpful when I’m studying for an exam, writing a paper, or generally need to get my shit together and done.

Quizlet - Free for both iPhone and Android

Quizlet is great for flashcard studying and as I’m sure most college students know - it’s also great for finding pre-made flashcards for exams that have been taken in the past.

Wunderlist - Free for both iPhone and Android

Wunderlist is a great and easy app for creating/managing tasks, to-do lists, and planning. Unless you already use a physical planner, Google Calendar or something similar, then I’d suggest getting this app among others.

Forest - $1.99 for iPhone and Free for Android

Addicted to your phone or smart device? Try this neat app. It helps you stay focused and present by allowing you to plant a seed and basically grow a REAL tree for every 30 minutes you don’t touch your phone. Given the name of the app, the goal is to grow your forest (or just plant as many trees while being productive because yes to trees). It tracks the duration of your focus and when you leave the app, a tree dies. How the logistics really work - I’m not sure, but it’s a good concept anyway.

Coffitivity - Free for both iPhone and Android

This app is one of my favorites. If you’re like me and have conditioned yourself to only be productive in a Starbucks or other cafe, it might not be the overpriced drinks to thank - it might be because of the ambiance! Coffitivity lets you simulate some of these ambiances by bringing you selections of coffee shop noises and sounds. Research claims that coffee shop sounds not only make you more productive but also more creative. - Free for both iPhone and Android

This is a no brainer. Get the Dictionary app and level up your spelling and synonyms. A necessity for those final papers.

Coloring Book for Adults - Free for both iPhone and Android

Finals can be stressful. To balance working hard, you should also find ways to relieve your stress. This coloring book app is meant to be enjoyable and fun - free of deep thinking. It’s also a good way to kill some deserved free time after focusing so hard.

Most of these apps can also be available on your web browser if you’d rather access them on a laptop or tablet instead of your mobile device. There are tons and tons of apps out there that vary and differ from these ones I’ve listed - all with the purpose of trying to make your life easier. So try some of these out and browse other useful apps you can try out yourself. Happy studying and remember, your phone can help you not hurt you!