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While this pandemic has limited our outside activity options, it is a prime time to look at your resume and give it a fresh look. You may want to add something to it, change the format, or even start a new one. Although it may sound too early, many jobs and internship sites will soon be asking for resumes for spring and summer 2021 opportunities. You will want your resume to be impressive and in its best shape.


If you are like me and get confused about what format your resume should be, you are not alone. I see the “dos and don’ts” list of resume formatting and get confused. The truth about resume formatting is that it depends on your field of interest. Ever see those colorful resume templates on Word with a place for your photo? They may look cool, but those templates should be reserved for any graphic design or more “creative major.” Try reviewing resume samples from others in your career industry. It’ll give you a good idea of what jobs in your field are looking for. Remember that resumes are supposed to be easy to read and straightforward.

Leave Small Information Out

As said before, resumes are supposed to be straightforward and contain key information for the job you are interested in. If something small is important or interesting, leave it out and bring it up during the interview portion. An example of this is when I was interviewing to get into a study abroad program in Japan. I left out on my resume and application that I was a moderator on a Japan app. Typically, during an interview, there will be a small amount of time to ask questions and bring up any information not mentioned yet. That would be the perfect time to slip in that small special something that could make you stand out from the rest.

Keep a list of Achievements and Jobs.

As you go through college, you’ll most likely pick up different jobs and complete different activities. Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of them all and forget what you have done. Whenever you have completed a job or achievement, make sure to write it down somewhere with the dates that you started and completed it and some key points about it. 

Keep A Draft and Create a New One

When applying to jobs, not every job will want to read every detail of your resume that does not apply to your considering position. Instead, keep a resume draft of all your jobs and achievements and then create new resumes based on the position’s qualifications. The employer typically does not read over a resume for that long, so make sure to make it stand out.

Overall, this is a difficult time to be a college student, and we are all struggling in our own ways, but do not let the pandemic get you down. Work hard to prepare for future career opportunities and prove to your future employers that you did not laze around during your time inside.


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