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Missing home is a really normal feeling, especially when you move away from home for the first time. Homesickness is really common for all students in college and everyone will experience it at some point during their time away from home. We all know that when it hits, it hits hard, and all you want to do is lay in your bed and cry for hours. Personally, I did not experience homesickness until my second year of college, but the good thing about it all is that you get better at handling it the next time it strikes. 

Talk to someone

When you are feeling lonely and miss home, you should talk to someone about it. You should not keep all of your thoughts to yourself, because all of those bottled up emotions will eventually explode. It is always good to talk and discuss your thoughts and feelings with someone other than your own mind. Talk to a friend about it, they are there to support and listen to you. You are always able to call your family or friends if you miss them. Give them a call on Facetime where you can see their faces, and just chat for a moment. Remember that there is always someone who would love to listen to you and that your family misses you just as much as you miss them.


If you do not feel comfortable with sharing your feelings with a person, you should start writing it down on paper. I personally started journaling because sometimes it is hard to put a word on your feelings without sounding crazy or confusing. Also, it is your journal, no one has to read it, which means that you should be able to write about whatever you feel like. You do not have to write about your feelings either, you can just use it as an excuse to “zone out” for a moment and think about something else. Always remember that there are no rules when it comes to journaling! 

Try to keep yourself busy

Whenever you feel the homesickness is creeping up on you, you should take it as a hint that it is time to get up and do something! Go work out, make some food, watch a movie, or hang out with some friends. Keep yourself busy with something you know will take your mind off the homesickness.

Make new friends

I know it is not that simple to just go out and make friends, especially during COVID. Start easy by trying to be friends with your roommates, if you have any. The next step is to make friends in class, which can be difficult if you have all of your classes online. Try to use any opportunity you get to get to know your classmates. Bond over math, history, English, or your lack of motivation for finishing the semester. You can even bond through social media! If you have any in-person classes, you could walk with someone to your next class or set up a socially distanced study session.

Cry it out

You heard me, just get it all out! You are allowed to be sad, and it is actually good for you to cry once in a while. As humans, we need to express our feelings, and sometimes crying is the best solution. Personally, I feel so much better after I have cried, and it is totally fine to feel the need to express yourself. Take an hour or a whole day if you need to, and have some “me-time”. Buy a box of ice cream, your favorite snack, or whatever you are craving, and release all the emotions that have been holding you back. After a good cry, it makes it easier to move on!

Remember that you are not alone

It is really common to feel homesick after being away from home for a while. First-time movers are easily exposed to experiencing homesickness since they just left their “safe place”. Homesickness can hit whoever and whenever, but remember that it is totally normal to feel homesick and you are never alone about feeling it. Never think that it is embarrassing or stupid because it is not. It is human to love people, which makes it human to miss them too.


Hellooo!! My name is Helene, and I'm a junior (academically ;)) ) majoring in Multimedia Cinematic Production here at HPU. I'm originally from Norway, so that explains all of my spelling mistakes ++ I'm really excited for my first year as a writer for HC, and can't wait to write for someone else other than my professors!
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