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Halloween Costume Ideas: Friend Group Edition

Halloween is creeping upon us, and we are all welcoming spooky season with open arms. The celebration will be different this year, due to COVID-19, but we can still dress up in cool costumes and make the best out of it. When it comes to Halloween costumes, you are free to do whatever you want and there are no limits to how creative you can be. Personally, I love when friend groups dress up in matching costumes, especially when they take inspiration from tv characters. I have made a list of costume ideas for you and your friends. 

Two People Costume Ideas:

Mario and Luigi: My guess is that we have all seen these iconic characters on Halloween. This costume idea is perfect for two best friends who want to both look cute and match! 

  • Red and green T-shirts

  • Blue/denim bottoms (shorts/pants/skirt)

  • Red and green hats (+ M and L printed on)

  • Suspenders

Ash and Pikachu: Am I the only one who loves this costume idea? I promise you that if you dress up as this duo you will not walk around unnoticed. This costume idea will need some more work than the other costumes, but it will be worth it. Remember Google is your friend, look up pictures.


  • Bluejacket with short, white sleeves. 

  • Red hat (paint or add white fabric + the iconic logo)

  • Green gloves

  • Jeans

  • A poke ball as an accessory (duh..)


  • Yellow dress or t-shirt 

  • Ears: use a headband and make the ears out of paper or foam.

  • Tail: make it out of paper or foam and attach it to your dress/outfit with a safety pin.

Lilo and Stitch: Since we are in Hawaii, we can’t forget our favorite Hawaiian duo! This is the cutest costume idea for a pair of best friends living in Hawaii. 


  • Red dress 

  • Add some white leaves, and you’re good to go!


  • Blue dress 

  • Blue ears, use a headband and make the ears out of paper or foam

Three people costume ideas:

Power Puff Girls: It’s the sugar, spice, and everything nice for me! The superpower of your friendship and your adorable matching outfits will blow everyone away. 

  • Pink, blue and green dresses

  • Black belts

  • White high knee socks

  • Pink bow for Blossom

Totally Spies: I don’t know about you, but this show was my favorite growing up. It is THE perfect costume idea for you and your independent, butt-kicking girlfriends. 

  • Red, green and yellow t-shirts

  • Red, green and yellow leggings

  • Silver belts

  • Add pocket mirrors, lipsticks, and hair dryers as accessories

Alvin and the Chipmunks: By far the most iconic trio you have ever witnessed on this planet. The perfect idea for all of you “bruh” girls out there. It is simple to put together, it looks cute, and you are still technically one of the boys. 

  • Red (with a yellow A), blue and green shirts

  • Red hat for Alvin

  • Glasses for Simon

  • Black leggings or shorts

  • Red, blue, and green striped high knee socks (OPTIONAL)

Four people costume ideas:

M&M’s: Probably the easiest costume on this list, but it does not make it boring. Everyone knows about M&M’s, and as a group, you will look amazing (I promise).

  • 4 different color shirts/dresses (with the iconic white M printed on)

  • Black bottoms OR skirts in the same colors as the shirts

  • Striped high knee socks in the same colors as the shirts (OPTIONAL)

Teletubbies: We can all hear the theme song playing in our head, “Tinkywinky!!” yup.. the best and most annoying theme song ever. By dressing up as Tinkywinky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, and Po you are making sure that you will have the song stuck in your head for the rest of the year. You are warned… 

  • Purple, green, red and yellow shirts

  • Bottoms in the same color as the shirts

  • “TV” on the stomach: safety pin a square of foil to your shirt

  • “Antennas”: use a headband with a pipe cleaner to form the different shapes

Stranger things Season 1: The best Netflix show to watch during October, no joke. Grab your bike, your walkie talkie, and start searching for the best candy in town (or Will). I promise you will not regret it (and friends don’t lie).


  • Beige jacket

  • 80s inspired shirt

  • Jeans

  • Digital watch


  • Denim jacket

  • Green t-shirt

  • Brown pants

  • Hat

  • Microphone


  • Red jacket

  • Jeans

  • Headband with camo print

  • Walkie talkie


  • Pink dress

  • White high knee socks

  • Blond wig

Be sure to add Will to your party if you can find him ;)




Hellooo!! My name is Helene, and I'm a junior (academically ;)) ) majoring in Multimedia Cinematic Production here at HPU. I'm originally from Norway, so that explains all of my spelling mistakes ++ I'm really excited for my first year as a writer for HC, and can't wait to write for someone else other than my professors!
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