Got Senioritis?

Beware: If you are a senior in college, then you are most likely to catch a viral disease known as, senioritis. No senior is safe and it is spreading fast. But don’t worry, there is a cure: graduation. Meanwhile, here are some signs that you’ve got a case of senioritis.

Warning: The following signs are graphic. If you feel that you are experiencing symptoms of senioritis, then please seek help from whatever motivation you have left (if any) as soon as possible, so that you can still graduate on time.   

You know you’ve got a case of senioritis when:

Every morning you wake up for class you just kind of feel like:

Or like:

Your professor assigns an essay at the start of the semester and the night before it’s due and at first, you’re like “I don’t care”:

But an hour before it’s due you’re like:

Your professor announces an upcoming exam and you’re just like:

But the ten minutes before the exam you’re like:

You get your test back with a low grade and you’re just like:

Because your motto now is:

But at the end of the semester you’re like:

Every time you hear your professor speak you’re just like:

And when they give an assignment you’re just like:

But if they keep you for the entire class time you’re just like:

Your classmates ask if you did the assignment or studied for the quiz/exam and you’re just like:

Or like:

You’re sitting in class like:

Or like:

Getting to class is like:

Or you don’t even go:

But if you do, you can’t wait for it to be over:

Everything else is on your mind while you’re in class, except what the professor is going over, but you still gotta act like you’re paying attention like:

Don’t freak out if you have senioritis, it happens to the best of us!

Just remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel.