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Christmas Songs that get me Twerking Around the Tree

It’s the day after Thanksgiving which can only mean one thing, it is now socially acceptable to blast Christmas music you have been listening to since Halloween. So get out your fuzzy socks and start making hot cocoa, it’s Christmas time!

Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer

Everyone and their mother blasts this one.

The Christmas Hippo song

I'm still asking for a hippopotamus for Christmas...


Once a belieber, always a belieber.

Jingle Bell Rock

*Cue Mean Girls film*

All I Want For Christmas Is You

If you say you don’t sing this song on the top of your lungs while harmonizing to Mariah Carey, you are lying.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

We're still waiting for *NSYNC to make a comeback.

Last Christmas

We all have an ex we dedicate this song to.

Santa Tell Me

Ariana knows how to get us into the holiday spirit!

Amanda is a senior at HPU working towards her degrees in mass communication and integrated multimedia. She loves all things related to design, photography, and journalism. Her dream is to move back to the big apple and work for Cosmopolitan magazine. When not sipping on Starbucks while studying, you can find her doing crossfit or diving.
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