Business Casual for The Busy Girl

Planning your outfit for the day or week can be hard enough, especially for someone who can barely spare 10 extra minutes getting ready in the morning. Now, try throwing in days in your week where you go to your internship or a new job that requires business casual attire. What do you wear? What do you have and more importantly, what does your wardrobe need? If you’re unsure about what to wear to that new internship or struggle with finding outfit pieces, I’ve compiled a simple list of business casual basics that go great together in all combinations.

Let’s first start with the business casual attire basics for women:

DO WEAR: A combination of knee-length skirts, dress slacks/dress pants, blouses, sheath dresses, blazers, sweaters/cardigans, closed toe shoes, and mostly solid colors or minimal print. Old Navy has been my go-to store for these basics because they honestly have it all and more.

Pencil skirts go great with most blouses and button-ups and aren’t as suffocating as pants.

Ponte-Knit Pencil Skirt for Women - $24.99

Pixie pants, in my opinion, are great because they’re like the middle ground between jeans and slacks. Comfy but still chic for work.

Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle Pants for Women - $16-34.99

You can’t go wrong with a (semi little) black dress. Pair your dress with flats or heels.

Ponte-Knit Flute-Sleeve Shift Dress - $34.99

A heather gray cardigan will match most colors and prints.

Semi-Fitted Open-Front Sweater for Women - $24.99

Flats and I have a love-hate relationship. A tip I’ve started doing is bringing these in my bags and only slipping them on before I get in the office and wearing comfortable sandals outside.

Sueded D’Orsay Flats for Women (in Taupe) - $26.99

A leather tote bag is a little something extra to your outfit.

Faux-Leather Tote for Women (in Cognac Brown) - $30.00

For the most part, Hawaii has a very flexible definition of “business casual” so you have some leeway with bottoms and footwear. It’s always best to ask your internship or job what their dress code standards are, if there are any at all, and also inquire about their casual or jean days. If for any reason you’re still unsure or can’t ask about the dress code before you start, remember this motto: It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Now get on with your cute self, you busy girl!