Bring a Side Dish or Be the Side Dish

Let’s face it: as college students, most of us are dead broke and so far away from home that hosting a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner on our own is just not the business. But it doesn’t mean that it isn’t totally doable, especially if you have the right friends. Thankfully (see what I did there?), the universe introduced us to a little subculture of Thanksgiving that most of us refer to as Friendsgiving. Not sure what Friendsgiving is? Don’t fret, Urban Dictionary’s got you covered. According to them, Friendsgiving is “the celebration of Thanksgiving dinner with your friends. This usually occurs on the Wednesday before or the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, since Thanksgiving is usually reserved for family gatherings.” Now that we’ve covered that, it is important that you have your friends bring a side dish to your Friendsgiving or vice versa. Do not show up empty-handed. I repeat, do not show up empty-handed. Everyone is probably on the same broke boat as you, but they still usually make the effort to bring a dish; so, make sure you bring a side dish or become the side dish. I bet you’re thinking, what should I cook for my next Friendsgiving dinner?

Here are three tasty and easy to make side dish recipes from Food Network that will be sure to have all your friends thanking you for blowing them away with amazing food.

Creamed Spinach

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Apple and Onion Stuffin’ Muffins

Now that you have some mouth-watering Friendsgiving side dish ideas, pull up your big girl pants, get to the grocery store and get to cookin’. Your friends will be sure to gobble up your dish!