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5 Things Every Filipino Can Relate To

I am a Filipino-American and I grew up in a family that falls heavily under Filipino stereotypes. Sometimes it is hilarious that we do fit these stereotypes and sometimes it is like, OMG we are so FOB. Here are five things that every (or at least some) Filipinos can relate to.

1. Family parties are a five-course meal

I cannot tell you guys how much food there is when it comes to Filipino parties! From pancit, to lumpia, and the various desserts, you will be full until the next day and your fridge will be full for the week. There is so much food that all the aunties and uncles are grabbing gallon size Ziploc bags to take home.

2. EVERYONE thinks that you are going to school to be a nurse

It is very common for Filipino females and males to pursue a career as a nurse. Thus, a lot of people think every Filipino goes to college to become that. I swear everyone comes up to me and asks if that is my major and I get real offended. It’s not that being a nurse is a bad job, I just do not like people assuming that because I am a Filipino female, nursing is what I’m doing.

3. There is always that one aunty that questions you about your love life

Throughout my whole high school career I had an aunty who would always ask me if I have/had a boyfriend. I always told her no, but to this day I do not know why that was always the first thing she’d ask me. #justfilipinoaunties

4. People assume that you can speak your dialect fluently

I can’t tell you how many times an aunt, uncle, or grandparent started talking to me in Ilocano and I can’t reply with anything other than, “WHAT??” I just nod and smile because I can pick up some words but not the whole sentence.

5. Everyone is on Facebook

If you have your family members as friends on Facebook, most likely they will tag you in the millions of pictures they took of you and/or even if you aren’t there, they will STILL tag you. Don’t ask me why, it’s normal, and I’ve just accepted it.

These stereotypes may be a part of my culture, but you know, I would never change who I am. I am proud to be a Filipino-American and these are the things that come with it but I luh it!

Mariah is 21-years-old senior at Hawaii Pacific University, majoring in Mass Communication concentrating in Advertising and Public Relations and minoring Marketing. On her free time, she likes to join extra-curricular activities at HPU, go to the beach, and hang out with her friends and family.
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