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Yitty: Lizzo’s Bold New Shapewear Line

When we think of shapewear, we might think of the spandex that our grandmas wear beneath their Sunday church dresses or that our moms won’t leave for a dinner party without. For many, shapewear carries negative emotions as a means to conceal and restrict their natural bodies. As the multi-billion dollar spandex industry increases in popularity and demand, recording artist Lizzo is introducing her uplifting shapewear brand called Yitty in collaboration with Fabletics in hopes of changing the narrative.

Yitty, named after Lizzo’s childhood nickname, puts self-acceptance and confidence first. Lizzo, who has been subject to thousands of unsolicited remarks about her body since rising to fame, has been extremely open with her body struggles which started as a young girl. She expressed that beauty standards in the media made her feel that she needed to contort her body to fit the mold. She has been wearing shapewear since middle school to feel accepted, but as an adult, she realized she had the power to help others.

“I was tired of seeing this sad, restrictive shapewear that literally no-one wanted to wear,” Lizzo said. “I decided to take on the challenge of allowing women to feel unapologetically good about themselves again.”

Yitty features women of all sizes in promotional photos and videos. Lizzo wants the brand to be “no-shame” and inclusive. The shapewear is designed to be stylish enough to be worn underneath clothing or as the main piece.

Yitty is a fun and refreshing spin on shapewear fashion. Many competing brands market themselves as helping women to achieve their “ideal” physiques, while Yitty embraces body shapes as they are. Often, celebrity brands can feel disingenuous and like cash grabs, but Yitty is right up Lizzo’s avenue as an advocate for unapologetic self-love.
If you’re someone who loves shapewear or is looking to add it to your closet, Yitty is a promising brand. The brand will offer sizes ranging from 6X to XS. Yitty launches on April 12 on https://yitty.fabletics.com/splash.

Kyndall Dunn is a junior honors media management, business administration minor at Howard University from Atlanta, GA. She is a content contributor and topic editor for Howard University's Her Campus chapter. Instagram: @kyndunn
Corinne Dorsey is a freshman journalism major at Howard University. Corinne is currently a freelance writer for theGrio and a contributing writer for The Hilltop, Her Campus, and Teen Graffiti Magazine. Corinne is also a radio show host for “Hard to Swallow” on WHBC 96.3. In Corinne’s free-time she enjoys spending time with friends, trying new foods, reading the latest magazine issues, exploring the city, and improving her photography skills. Post Graduation, Corinne plans to work in the media as a multimedia journalist for a magazine or TV network. Digital Portfolio: https://corinnedorsey.journoportfolio.com/
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