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Bossing up…Getting paid… Investing in internal wealth seems to be the mood of young adult women. From the inspiring post we share on social media, to the way in which we speak affirmations over ourselves, and the rise of women entrepreneurs — it’s pretty clear that young women today are not settling to be a lesser version of themselves in any aspect of their lives. I’d like to think that we got here by realizing that some of the older women around us are not who we want to be like. We’ve viewed their lives and realized we wanted more for ourselves. To achieve being and doing more, we had to make it happen and “boss up.” We’ve also gotten here by being inspired by some of the older women around us. 

Whether we were surrounded by top-tier women or not, due to others around us being imperfect, there are still gaps and holes that the women who have gone before us could not fill. Maybe they did not have the exact vision in place to execute a goal that would impact society in a way it’s never been, or maybe they were seed planters — planting the way for women in our generation. Either way, it is clear that the torch has been passed to us and we have been given an opportunity to become the best version of ourselves — a trailblazer, generational curse breaker, an accomplished woman. 

We all have a lane that we are called to. Some of our lanes are centered in inspiring other women, others are in the boardroom for corporate companies, and some are called to excel in the arts. Whatever your lane is, own it! Take up the space that you so deserve. Your gifts, talents, values, and mindset is needed. Woman, arise!

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Nia Robinson

Howard '23

I am Nia Robinson — a Strategic Communications student at Howard University. I use writing to outwardly express the deep areas of my soul, convictions, and passions. I am an author of the book, "She Knows: Once Bound, But Now Redeemed To Become," which is an expression of my life experiences that has shaped me to become who God has called me to be while inspiring others to proclaim their God-given identity as well. I am looking forward to adding valuable content to HER Campus for the 2021-2022 school year.
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