A Whole New World of Recycling


When one thinks of recycling a few things come to mind. Like glass, paper, milk cartons or bottles. However, there is a wide range of other products that can be recycled! In order to continue protecting this beautiful planet that we all know and love, we need to be more responsible about where we dispose of our waste and to research if it can be recycled.  There are also a number of companies that have taken up this challenge and are recycling some of their old products like…


1. Nike will recycle your old running shoes!

Besides Nike, there are many companies that prioritize saving our planet, including the company Running Wild. This company will recycle your worn out and used gym shoes. Don’t let them sit in the back of your closet forever or eventually throw them away in the trash. If they can’t be donated, then recycling is a great alternative option.

2. Wine Corks!

Now, we all love a good “Wine” down. But what I’ve seen happen all too often or have been guilty of myself is recycling the glass bottle and chucking the cork in the trash. Instead of doing this, look to organizations like ReCORK that will recycle them for you.


3. Tights and Stockings

Now ladies, I know we don’t wear stockings and tights as often as before. However, when we do, we should be mindful of how we dispose of them. Now that stockings are typically made of nylon material it is not as friendly to mother earth. So, when you’re done with them give them to NoNonsense, A recycling company that will take your tights and stockings and use them to make other materials.


With the Holidays rolling around, don’t just throw out your old decorations…recycle them!

4. Holiday Lights

Home Depot recently launched a new program where they will take your used holiday lights and recycle them for you. What a great initiative!


5. Christmas Trees

If you’re anything like me and have the worst allergies in the world, having an artificial Christmas tree was normal for you growing up. However, how did you dispose of it? Instead of throwing out your old plastic Christmas tree, you can give it to a program like this one. There is even one located near Howard County Maryland! Don’t be a Grinch to the environment this Christmas!