What I'm Happy About Today: Alvin Hannon

Having a bad day? College getting you down? Do you go to Howard University? Then we get it. College can have some of the best and worst of times. This column is a gateway for students to know that they aren’t alone in our large Bison family. I hope that hearing from your peers will continue to give you hope to keep going on another day.  


Meet Alvin Hannon, a sophomore Elementary Education Major from Prince George’s County, MD.

Avery: What are you currently happy about today or just in life in general? 

Alvin: I am happy that I am off Academic Probation and that I changed my major to follow my passion of being an educator.

Avery: How do you keep yourself motivated during the darkest of times?

Alvin: Definitely music. I listen to music when I feel like I can’t make it through the day

Avery: What advice would you give to someone who is down in the dumps?

Alvin: That there is always a tomorrow. Just because one day doesn’t work out doesn’t mean that you should give up hope for the rest of the days.

Avery: Do you have any rituals you do to keep a good mojo going throughout your day?

Alvin: I try to keep my phone on do not disturb to stay focused.

Avery: What is one of your favorite memories so far at Howard University?

Alvin: Meeting my School of Education cohort last semester and that’s because they push and support me every day.

Avery: What is one thing you wish someone told you before attending Howard?

Alvin: “It’s hard out here."

Avery: What is one motivational quote/piece of writing that keeps you going on a day to day basis?

Alvin: Basically, that just because today wasn’t your day, doesn’t mean that tomorrow won’t be.

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