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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Howard chapter.

In the week of March 3, 2021, the U.S. saw both Texas and Mississippi lift the mask-wearing mandate and open businesses to 100% capacity. This was done amidst vaccinations not being easily accessible to everyone, especially Black and Brown people. 

These announcements from government officials, which were made with excitement, are quite the comic relief. I find it a bit ironic that these two states are fully opening. Just weeks ago, they were hit with unexpected winter storms that left people without electricity and water and destroyed homes throughout the states. This is a tremendous turnaround from needing relief to opening fully with people still affected by what happened to them physically, financially, and mentally.

Since we are still in the middle of a Pythagorean theorem, with cases still rising and politicians lying about vaccinations, it would be most absurd to have states open 100%. It is merely too soon. Government officials should be smart and address their citizens with care, and perhaps CDC guidelines.  

Kayla Cash

Howard '22

Kayla Cash is a senior at Howard University currently majoring in civil engineering. She is from Jacksonville, Florida. She strives to be valuable in any career field ranging from filmmaking and engineering. Kayla Cash is the epitome of a renaissance woman.
Jamiya Kirkland is a senior Biology major, Sociology and Afro-American studies minor from PG County, MD