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Trick or Treat: Top 9 Halloween costumes seen on Twitter

Halloween creativity is at an all time high. With a little help from pop culture related events & Twitter phenomenon many create costumes that are completely outside the box. Halloween is the time to unleash any of the wild ideas you’ve had throughout the year, even celebrities get in on the fun. Check out some of the creative, adorable, and downright genius costumes that broke the Internet last weekend!

  1. Meme recreation of Nick Young (Twitter: @btbpusha)
    Nick Young; a simple, yet hilarious costume. The meme that we’ve all used this year was recreated right down to the facial expression and question marks. 
  2. Meme recreation of baby North West (Twitter: @Atlgreekpicnic)
    One of the worlds most fashionable children was the inspiration for this costume. This completely adorable ballerina reminiscent look was made of things that most of us probably have in our closets. 
  3. Twitter’s favorite date, Netflix & Chill (Twitter: @alycmedinatv)

    Netflix & chill, where would we be without thee? This couple decided to dress as America’s favorite past time. We especially love the Chill character in this look.

  4. Karrueche Tran dressed as Lil Kim (Twitter: @karrueche)
    Karrueche took a note of The Queen Bee’s, Lil Kim, journal as she donned the all blue look from the “Crush on You” music video. This look was done so perfectly that we had to take another glance just to make sure it wasn’t actually Lil Kim.
  5. Beyonce, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy dressed as the cast of Coming to America (Instagram: @beyonce)
    The 1988 movie Coming to America is still so poular today that the Carter family decided to pop out as the royal Joffer family of Zamunda.
  6. A baby dressed as Camron (Instagram: @Mr_Camron)
    We couldn’t help but adore this baby dressed as Camron. One of the most iconic pink outfits of all time looked cute on this baby. We’re sure when he grows up he’ll be able to appreciate his parents amazing creativity on this one. 
  7. A child dressed as Drake (Twitter: @Luvvie)

    This kid is probably making all of the preschool girls hotlines bling as he dressed up as Drake for Halloween.

  8. A mother and child dressed as Lilo & Stitch (Twitter: @fongkalea)

    This mom has the perfect ohana(family) with her little monster Stitch. 

  9. A mother and son dressed as The Princess and the Frog (Twitter: @Luvvie)

    Finally, this duos costume made our hearts melt as the beautiful Princess Tiana and Frog Prince Naveen.


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