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Top 5 Things You Should do at Howard’s Homecoming

1. Go to Yardfest

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A Howard Homecoming staple. During this event, the Yard is filled with poppin’ clothing, delicious food and tons of free giveaways. Although past Yardfests featured artists like Drake, 2 Chainz, the event has taken a more family-friendly approach. Come out to enjoy the sounds of Howard’s best DJs and see the yard in a way you’ll only see it in October during Homecoming.

2. Party! But party safely.

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At Howard, Homecoming is more about the social interaction than the actual game. Dozens of parties happen throughout the week. Although partying is fun, the most important thing to remember is safety during Homecoming. Always be aware of your surroundings, and have a plan.

3. Meet people from other schools

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Howard’s Homecoming is not just for its students. Among the thousands of visitors are HU alumni, DMV natives and students from other universities who have heard all about it. Homecoming always proves to be an excellent time to make new friends.

4. Tailgate

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Tailgating happens rain or shine each year and is sometimes better than the game. But Howard doesn’t have your average tailgate. Just take a look at the menu; concessions include ribs, chicken wings and fro-yo just to name a few. Get fired up to cheer the Bison on!

5. The Game!

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Finally, come out to the game on Saturday to see the Bison on their home turf right off of Georgia Avenue. If sports aren’t quite your thing don’t worry, there’s still something there for you. Listen to the sounds of the renowned “Showtime” marching band, see performances from the Bisonettes and Ooh La Las, or come out to Snap a photo with our mascot. You don’t want to miss out on the game because there’s no telling what special surprises are in store.  

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