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The 2010s Defined A Generation of Black Girls

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Howard chapter.


Imagine it’s 2016 – before COVID-19 was even heard of, before all the political stress and social upheaval. You’re living your best life in high school and excited for all that is coming your way. Twitter trends come and go, but one recurring trend is how much people wish it was the 2010s again. The 2010s were an iconic era, where Black girls lead the culture into a frenzy. The music, the fashion, the culture, everything about the 2010s has been touched by Gen-Z Black girls.


The music from 2010 was revolutionary. Streaming was on the rise and we could now listen to our favorite artists on demand. Some of the artists that have made a name for themselves now, were just getting their start. YoungMoney, Migos, and the Weeknd, were all household names that captured our attention from the beginning. For young Black girls, there are a handful of artists that had a special place in our hearts but only lasted as one-hit wonders. Mindless Behavior, OMG Girlz, Jacob Latimore, and so many more became the soundtrack to our early teens that gave us the ‘swag’ and confidence to step into our 20s with style. 


The trends of the ‘10s were unlike any other to say the least. Some styles were better than others, specifically the emoji tracksuits and mustache obsession. Nonetheless, our fashion was unique to us and our culture. The rise of athleisure gave us the chance to show off our creativity by mixing athletic wear while still being flirty and comfy. Acid washed skinny jeans, “nerd” glasses, and snapbacks were staples and Forever 21 was our safe haven. 


The biggest phenomenon to come out of the 2010s was without a doubt “the selfie”. Some may think that our generation’s tendency to take selfies is an example of vanity, but really it is an extension of our self-confidence. The mirror selfie was one trend that had a hold on us. With the rise of Instagram, over-edited pictures became all the rage. From mirror flipped images, to the layout grids, we all have taken a picture or two with the same editing and poses – after all it wasn’t just Zendaya taking those legendary 2010s Instagram pics. 

The 2010s were one of those decades where you just had to be there. Simply hearing the stories, listening to the music, and wearing the clothes won’t give the justice it deserves; the decade that was one of a kind. For the Black women now in their 20s, the 2010s marked our early adolescence and beginnings of adulthood. So much has gone on during the past ten or so years, and with each passing year we start to realize how iconic the ‘10s were. The 2010s were our beginning and we are just getting started in the 2020s.

Simone Nixon is a senior biology major, chemistry minor from Maryland. She enjoys telling the stories of the world around her and hearing the stories of others. She plans to pursue a career in dentistry, while also pursuing her interests in lifestyle, beauty, and fashion.