Stuck In The Friend Zone? Here's How to Get Out!

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You can clearly see that you and your crush would make the perfect couple -- but he’s acting like Stevie Wonder. You’re stuck in the friend zone, but not for long. Follow this advice to bag your bae.


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  1. Does he even know you like him?

Usually, our biggest problem is being able to make our interest known! It’s quite possible your crush doesn’t even know that you like him. I know sometimes ladies are afraid of looking “thirsty” if we make the first move, but more than likely your crush will be pleasantly surprised and respect it. Be confident and tell him in person, not over text -- “I’m interested in getting to know you on a romantic level.” Plain and simple. Guys complain all the time how complicated we are and how they never know what we’re thinking, so he’ll appreciate your directness.

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2.  He needs to know you’re wifey material

One of two things happens after you complete the first step: either he’ll tell you he just doesn’t like you in that way (and in that case he’s totally missing out and it’s time to move on) or he’ll reciprocate your interest. Now here’s the important part: if your crush has been viewing you as a friend up until now, you have to make him see you in a different light. If you treat him like your friend, he’s going to remain your friend. Hang out with him one on one and when you do, flirt. Let him see all the great things about yourself that he hasn’t before. While he’s getting to know you better, show him the beautiful, intelligent, and bossed up girl that you are. The end goal is to help him realize that you are definitely someone he wants on his team.

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3. Seal the deal

Okay sis, at this point you and your crush are in the “talking” phase. One or two months have gone by and it’s time to establish what kind of relationship you want. By now you both should know what you’re each looking for, i.e. an exclusive relationship with monogamy, an open relationship, or maybe friends with benefits. Make sure you guys are on the same page. A lot of men dread the “so what are we?” question but the conversation is a must so try to just avoid that question specifically and gently but firmly let him know you’re not willing to move forward without defining the boundaries of your relationship. If he cares about you, he’ll want to do the same. If you both can agree on the terms of your relationship, then congratulations! You just bagged your bae.


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