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Valentine’s Day, a holiday for people with three choices: to be in a relationship, to be single, or just to forget this day even exists. As someone who is one of those people who are single, I’ve learned to be okay with spending this holiday alone. I spent almost a year with someone that I truly regret being with. In the end, I bounced back and realized that the single life is actually good for me. How did I do it? Well, I’ll give a few tips that helped me:

  1. Do not be sad or bitter about this day.

I am not sitting around crying and eating ice cream while watching Netflix. It’s better to take this day to walk around campus with a smile on your face. It brings me joy and happiness to watch couples in love and going out on dates.

  1. Buy yourself something.

It can be chocolate, flowers, food, clothes–anything! Don’t wait around for someone to buy you nice things when you can do it yourself! For Valentine’s Day, I bought myself a journal and a sketchbook.

  1. Take yourself out.

You can always do date activities without having someone on your side. Dress up and take yourself out to eat. Go to the movies, slurp on a Slushie, and eat some good popcorn. Go to an Art gallery or go out to a bar!

  1. Turn off all communication.

By this, I mean, cleanse yourself from social media for the day. Turn off your phone or put it on Do Not Disturb. Forget everyone and just focus on yourself.

  1. Pamper yourself.

This can be the day for some relaxation and self care. Try out some face masks, run yourself a bubble bath, light some candles,  play some instrumentals, or enjoy a cup of hot tea.

This holiday is a beautiful one to celebrate. Yes, it’s a beautiful feeling to be with someone. Of course it’s a beautiful feeling to be in love. But, it’s totally okay to spend a holiday alone!

My name is Samaria Colbert. I am a 4th year Computer Science major and Graphic Design minor from Cincinnati, Ohio. I attend Howard University and will be writing for my school chapter. With my major, I intend to go into UX and UI design.  I want to open my own graphic design business and create more jobs for black women in my field. I want to be my own boss.
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