Sis, Let’s Make 2018 Our Year


Lately, college life has had meaning feeling unbalanced. I need to get back to feeling like my old self again. 2018 will be my year and I am speaking it into existence! Here are 7 possible New Year resolutions to help me/us get through.

1. Stop procrastinating

Don't wait until the last minute to do homework/ study. It’ll come back on you and leave you in a mess of playing catch up. Doing this in the new year will alleviate much stress and anxiety and allow you to enjoy your precious moments in college.

2. Be more productive.

Like the incomparable Outkast said,“Git up, git out and git something. Don't let the days of your life pass by.” Get off social media. This will increase your time throughout the day which will allow you to get more things done. Go out and do community service! There are always places in need of volunteers,  so there is no excuse for you to be bored in bed.  Also, take time to start developing your craft! Taking baby steps can evolve into something legendary.

3. Get out of your comfort zones

At times, I know I can be sheltered but this will not help my progression as a person nor in networking. Allow yourself to do different things in order to grow as a person. Being uncomfortable is a good thing!


4. Take care of yourself

Loving yourself should be your main priority in 2018. Pray more, exfoliate, oil your scalp, exercise, do more of whatever it is that you love. We all can use some me time to get through those hard moments.

5. Put yourself out there

Make new friends and explore— you will eventually find out more about yourself. Become more confident and let that guard down sis. Throughout 2018, let’s continue to grow to be the person we want to be.

6. Break old habits

Learn to stop holding grudges, let go and let God. Yes, they tried it but everything does not need a response. Sometimes things need to be left unsaid. Be on time. It does not take much to get up 15 minutes early, those 15 minutes can make a lot of difference. Be humble.Sometimes we can get beside ourselves but let's remember we’re not any better than the next.

7. Save them coins

Ball out on a budget! We’re in college— even with a job we ain’t got that much. It may be hard to save right now, but try to set aside five dollars every month. Small steps can result in great gains.

Next year will be the year of stability and financial benefits, so make the best of it!