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Safety Tips for College Students

It’s easy to tell someone to “be safe” when they’re going out  but what steps can one take to be safe? Because, a lot of times, incidents occur even when victims are “being safe.” Going away for college can be challenging because you’re in a new environment that’ll take some time to get used to. Being that you’re in a new place, it is important to stay alert and cautious at all times. Here’s three important tips about being safe at Howard:


1. Never walk alone at night. In the morning and in the afternoon, if you must walk alone, observe your surroundings and avoid doing things that distract you from observing. There are predators ready to attack students whenever and wherever.


2. Be cautious of strangers stopping you. The common safety tip is to keep walking and don’t stop! I know at times strangers may ask for directions or other things for assistance and personally I try to help as much as I can. BUT, know your limits. Do not let strangers of any sort put you in an uncomfortable situation or ask too many personal questions.


3. Party responsibly. Stay with those same people you came with and look out for each other. 


Safety can be a sensitive topic for some because of past, traumatic experiences. It’s very important to practice safety precautions in your day to day lives because you never know what can happen, when it can happen, or where it could happen.


Kayla Cash

Howard '22

Kayla Cash is a senior at Howard University currently majoring in civil engineering. She is from Jacksonville, Florida. She strives to be valuable in any career field ranging from filmmaking and engineering. Kayla Cash is the epitome of a renaissance woman.
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