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The Remedy to Finding Larger Shoe Sizes: 5 Sites That Carry YOUR Size

Most of us “tall” girls (5’7 and above) have the hardship of finding things that actually fit. Jeans are impossible, shirts are too short in the arms and shoes are too small. As a size 12 shoe wearer, I know the struggle of trying to catch a sale but never being able to find my size. Most stores don’t carry many size 11’s and 12’s and almost never have the half size that would perfectly fit my foot.  If you also suffer from not being able to buy enough shoes, I have found the cure! Here are 5 online stores that will change your shoe game:



Zappos is really a shoe lover’s best friend. They carry thousands of shoes in every shape, size color, brand and heel. The best thing about Zappos is they sell shoes that go up to a size 13.



If you’ve ever combed through the shelves of Nordstrom (or Nordstrom Rack), you know they generally only have up to a size 12 in stores. However, if you take a trip to their site they go up to a size 14 and have a section for “extended sizes.”


Long Tall Sally

They advertise shoes for women between sizes 10 and 15. They also have clothes made specifically for tall girls.



Journeys is best known for their collection of above average shoes. They have the cutest donut converse and the most retro tie-dye Dr. Martens. If you’re looking for a funkier style, they carry up to a size 16.


Nine West

Another case in which the store never seems to have above an 11 but online carries a wider range. Nine West has all of your favs up to a size 13 and they’re currently having a sale!

Jordyn Fields is a current sophomore at Howard University and a Social Media Intern for Her Campus. When she's not writing she's shopping, eating and taking pictures of the former. Find her on twitter (@fearlessly_J) and Instagram (@jordyn_b_ ).
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