P.S. Her Campus still Loves You

By now I am pretty sure we are all aware of the Netflix movie that took the RomCom movie world by storm…To all the boys I’ve ever Loved Before. Starring Noah Centineo who plays the role of Peter and Lana Condor, who plays the role of Lara Jean. The story is centered around teenage love with a first-person perspective from our dearly beloved Lara Jean. The first movie gave us everything we wanted: romance, drama, and a little comedy to tie it all together, all while making us feel good that these two lovebirds end up together…. or do they?   

This highly loved movie is based on the book series created by Jenny Han. There are three total books in this series, “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”, “P.S. I Still Love you” and “Always and Forever, Lara Jean”. The second movie titled “To All the Boys 2: P.S. I Still Love You” will bring in a new take on Lara Jean as she becomes the center of a love triangle, as she reunites with another boy whom she also wrote a secret love letter to. 


Lana is an adopted Vietnamese-American who had her first acting cameo in “X-men: Apocalypse”. Lana has been highly praised for her portrayal of Lara Jean for many reasons. Not only for her superb acting, but also for the visibility she is bringing to Asian-American actresses. She has done this by ensuring that people are aware of the ignorant and racist things that they may say or do that is a direct result of a lack of representation of Asian-American lead actors and actresses in TV and Film. She gave a report of some of these incidents in teen vogue which you can read here. 


Lana’s co-star Noah is most notably known for his role in the Freeform hit “The Fosters” and also for another star role in a Netflix original film “Sierra Burgess is a Loser”. Noah’s acting career began at 13 when he landed a role in “The Gold Retriever’” and from there he just has not seemed to stop. He has also been heavily applauded on social media platforms such as twitter  for giving the movie viewers the portrayal of Peter Kavinsky the way that we knew we wanted, but did not know we needed. 


The second installment of the “To All the Boys Series” is set to release Feb 12. 2020. A perfect way to spend any Valentine’s or Galentine’s day!