Proper Email Etiquette

We all know the do’s and don’ts of how to be presentable and professional in person. But, sometimes we can lack good mannerisms via email. If you’re not too familiar with email etiquette, don’t panic, here are a few tips to help make you a master at sending emails:


  1. Have a clear subject.


Make sure this line is clear. Most professional emails are packed with a lot of material so a specific subject will ensure that your response will be read and will most likely receive a reply.


  1. Use a professional greeting.


Using “hello” or “hi” is a great way to start off an email. You can even use “Dear [insert name]” But be sure to avoid use of any slang which takes away from the professionalism of the email.


  1. Proofread.


We all make grammatical errors from time to time but be very precise when you are writing an email so you can get your point across as cohesively as possible. You do not want to be viewed in a negative way due to an unintended tone. Get your point across, but respectfully so. Try reading your email out aloud and you'll be surprised to what you miss when you only proofread in your head.


  1. Respond to all legit emails expressed to you.


People are busy yes, but the busiest people prioritize their time well. Let the person know you read the email with a quick response. Don’t just leave them hanging!


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  1. Keep some things private.


If something comes up and you cannot make a certain event, meeting, etc.-- just say that. No one needs to know your personal occurrences, especially via email. So make sure you use discretion when discussing private matters.


  1. Have a clear and concise signature.


Utilize “best regards” or “regards” and end your email with your contact information. Ending with your number and address can eliminate a responder’s inquiry about how to contact you if it was already presented to them.


  1. Remember to attach desired documents.


I know this may seem like a given, but it happens a lot! It happens to the best of us when you say you have attached something and send the email before you attach the file. This goes hand in hand with proofreading. Do not be too quick to respond, but rather look over what you have written in your email.


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I know as college students we experience a lot of bad cases of email etiquette, even from our own professors. Just remember, always stay on your p’s and q’s and you’ll be on the right side of email etiquette!