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Possible Dorm Closures for Spring Break?

Spring break is a little over a week away from now, and just about everybody knows what they’ll be doing. Some students will be living the life on a beach in Panama City, while others will be relaxing at home eating some good home-cooked meals from their moms. Well, what about the rest of the students? There are students that have jobs in the District of Columbia that they need to work for spring break, students that can’t afford to travel home for a week, and even students who would like to stay and get some work done that they can’t get done at home.

Many students have heard of the rumor that the dorms will be closing for spring break in order to “save Howard some money.” Students have discussed this topic on the yard, in classes, and even to their resident assistants.

“It’s not realistic,” says senior Sheena Newson. “You don’t tell someone, ‘Oh hey, go make travel arrangements to get somewhere and stay for a whole week.’”

Not many people seem to know the truth, and if they do close, what will happen to the aforementioned students?Not to worry,because this rumor is exactly that: a RUMOR. That’s right. Howard University’s dormitories will remain open for spring break.

“Dormitories and resources will be available during spring break,” says Joseph Emanuel, special assistant to the dean of Residence Life.

According to Emanuel, there indeed was an uncertainty among the administrative workers whether the dorms would be closing for the week, however, that gray area was cleared the week of February 13th.

The dining halls, however, will not be open for the week. Spring break begins March 12 and classes resume on March 19. Whether you’re going on a vacation, going home, or staying in your dorm for spring break, have fun and be safe.

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