Popular Alternative Options for That Time of the Month

“That time of the month” can be complicated when you’re looking for alternative options besides the typical pad or tampon. Here you’ll find some increasingly popular and eco-friendly options to help you get through. Although I am not saying that one of these alternative options is for you, however, here are some options numerous women are RAVING about: 


  1. Period Panties


No one wants to chance their everyday routine when mother nature decides to show up for her monthly visit! That is why period panties have been all the rave as an alternative that helps keep some day to day normalcy in your routine. No more worries about whether you packed enough tampons or pads to get you through the day with this option! Click here to learn more.


Source: Sourpussclothing.com


  1. Organic Tampons 


This option has been up for debate more recently. Considering that some tampons are made from cotton that have undergone pesticide treatments, and have been linked to an increased diagnosis of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), there are some people who believe that 100% organic tampons are the way to go. However, seeing as these products are fairly new, no one really knows if they are really the better option. You can try them out yourself at your local target if you want to join the debate! Click here to learn more.


Source: Target.com


  1. Diva Cups


That’s right. I’m sure you’ve heard of this. A cup that holds an estimated doubled amount compared to the ordinary pad or tampon. Decreasing the number of products you’d need to use during that time of the month. Click here to learn more.


Source: teenvogue.com


  1. GladRags


GladRags are reusable cotton pads. These rags come with changeable inserts that you can switch out during your cycle and wash for the next one. They are said to last up to five years before needing a new one! Click here to learn more.


Source: gladrags.com


  1. Sea Pearls


Sea pearls are natural sea sponges that come from the sea. They are cut and trimmed in different sizes, so every woman has an option for them. They’re virtually chemical free and can be reused! Click here to learn more. 


Source: pinterest.com