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“Our” Boo: 5 Signs That Your Bae May Already Have a Bae

“The Ratio” is a common topic of discussion when it comes to the dating scene at Howard. There’s a lack of male presence on campus and especially males over 5’8”. The women on campus outnumber the men which causes a lot of sticky situations involving sister wives and the y in “your boo” being silent. However, there are many signs one can watch out for in hopes to prevent falling victim to these “sticky situations”.  Here are just 5 signs to be on the lookout for to prevent your life from becoming an episode of Flavor of Love.

  1. Doesn’t acknowledge your presence in crowded, public spaces

You see your bae on the yard with his friends and he pretends like he doesn’t see you even though you guys made eye contact. Later he texts you like, “Sorry for not speaking, I just don’t like people in my business. You understand, right?”. No, you don’t understand, sis. There’s a difference between being lowkey and just secretive. Learn to spot the difference. You’re not John Cena, he can see you, girl.

  1. Icy Hot.

Your bae is very wishy-washy. One minute you guys are on and poppin’ and the next he’s saying this is all becoming too much and you guys should just “chill”. Sorry to break it to you sis, but when he’s off with you he’s probably “chilling” with his girlfriend.

  1. Secret service protection over his phone

If your bae acts weird whenever you get around his phone this is a RED flag. If you both know the deal of your situation there should be nothing to hide, right?

  1. The pizza place calls his phone 24/7

You’re with your bae and he’s constantly rejecting calls and brushing off texts from the same number. He tells you it’s nothing to worry about and puts the phone down. DON’T BE FOOLED, it’s everything to worry about. It’s his girlfriend and she’s wondering where Y’ALL man is at.

  1. YOU are the pizza place

If your bae has you in his phone has papa johns, pizza hut, cousin, sister… honestly, this speaks for itself. Let that man go.

In the event that your bae actually has a girlfriend, cut him off before it’s too late and by too late I mean she pops up at the crib and it gets crazy. And in the event that it does get crazy, always side with the girlfriend. I mean, hey, it is Y’ALL man so you might as well team up.

Lead Image: VH1 Flavor of Love

Alexandra Lauren Banks is a sophomore Journalism major, English minor from Rochester, NY. As an aspiring journalist, Alexandra wants to use her writing as a way to encourage and uplift black women and raise awareness to issues affecting the black community. Along with her passion for writing, Alexandra is interested in singing, dancing, and fashion. In the future, she hopes to write for a magazine and eventually own her own magazine. Ultimately her goal in writing for Her Campus HU is to share her thoughts and ideas in hopes of creating a voice for young black women like her.
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