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Meet our Man Crush Dominic Adams #HU17

Name: Dominic Adams

Classification: Senior

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

1. What is your relationship deal breaker (biggest turn off) ?

The biggest deal breaker for me would have to be cheating. I shouldn’t need to even wonder about who’s she’s texting or snapchatting. If I can’t trust her, she may have to be cut off.

2. Who’s your celebrity crush?

Rihanna or Bernive Burgos

3. Pros and Cons of Dating?

​Pros- Having someone to depend on, security, room for building.

Cons- No more thrill, repetitiveness, huge commitment. (yikes)

4. Where is your campus hideout?

Blackburn reading lounge! No question. It’s the perfect spot to nap, chill, or do hw.

5. Are you a Mommas boy?

Yes, definitely. Growing up with a single mother, I was automatically a mama’s boy. Shoutout my moms, lol.

6. What organizations are you involved in?

​HU Campus Pals, HU Philly Club, RO$DC, Uber Campus Brand Rep,

National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Howard University Orientation Leader,

Drew Hall Stroll ‘13-’14, BankMobile Ambassador.

7. Where do you see yourself after graduation?

Working for a Fortune 500 company for a few years in a marketing position.

8. What city do you see yourself living in ?

Los Angeles, Houston or Atlanta.

9. Biggest Howard Acheivement ?

My biggest Howard achievement will always be receiving my HU freshman scholarship in April before I came to Howard. Who knows where I’d be without that.

10. Personal Motto?

“Make it happen.”

I always make it happen, if I can’t make it happen….. I still make it happen.



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