Meet Ms. Carol Dudley!

Many students in the School of Communication know and love Ms. Dudley! She’s your go to person if you’re in need of a resume makeover, internship opportunities, or just a good laugh. However, if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her yet, here she is, Ms. Dudley!

Name: Carol Dudley

Title: SOC Career Development Office Director

Hometown: Norristown, Pennsylvania

Fun fact(s): I’m whiz at Scrabble and I’m obsessed with Pinterest.

1. You’re a Howard University alumna, what is your favorite memory from your undergrad years at Howard?

My most favorite memory is living on the fourth floor of Crandall Hall with a bunch of women who have become my lifelong friends.

2. What made you come back to HU?

I actually never left. I started working with a professor on his training grants, then I got hired full time after I graduated.

3. What do you do for students in your current position?

I do everything students! From providing full service career counseling to writing recommendations for graduate and law school. I serve as an advisor to student council, buy them lunch, sew buttons on their jackets when they come off – everything!

4. Now, let’s move into the fun questions! What’s favorite food? Favorite Desert?

I like Italian and French cuisine. And my favorite dessert, I love Haagen-Dazs pistachio ice cream.

5. Favorite show on TV?

My favorite show is National Geographic’s Naked and Afraid, such a good show! I seriously can’t imagine myself ever going through what the people on that show go through.

6. Best restaurant you’ve been to in the past month and what did you order?

I recently went to Fig and Olive in DC with my girlfriends to celebrate a birthday. I had mushroom risotto and grilled salmon, it was delicious.

7. You’re always so stylish and accessorized, who is your style icon?

Olivia Palermo, I looove the way she dresses!

Thank you Ms. Dudley for chatting with us and letting us get to know you better! Colleigettes, if you’re ever in CB Powell (School of Communications building), stop by Ms. Dudley’s office for a piece and candy and good conversation!