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Meet Jalen Saunders, Class of 2018!

Name: Jalen Saunders (2015-2016 Mr. College of Arts & Sciences)

Classification: Sophomore #HU18

Major: Biology Major/Chemistry Minor

Hometown: Queens, New York

1. What is your relationship deal breaker ( biggest turn off)?

I would definitely say that first on the list is a cheating girlfriend! Who has time to worry about who their girl is texting, or who she’s looking at? If I can’t trust you 100%, you gotta go baby!

2. What is your favorite thing about going to Howard?

The best part about Howard University is its social culture. Yes, we have amazing programs, and countless internship and fellowship opportunities; but Howard has a brand of individuals like no other. From the bright, beautiful, inimitable, and bodacious females that strut our campus, to the dapper, intellectual gentlemen, we all build a family that grows stronger and bigger everyday.

3. What is the lamest thing about you?

I could admit that I am extremely sappy and corny when it comes to a female i’m really feeling or dealing with. I would say things like: “Once I dropped a tear in the ocean, the day I find it is the day I’ll stop loving you.”

4. Where is your campus hideout?

On a really nice day, I like to sit behind The Blackburn Middle Cafe. The view is pretty incredible, and it’s just a great space to air out, RELAX, and get some work done.

5. Trap Music or Conscience Rap?

Conscience Rap. Conscience Rap focuses on creating awareness and imparting knowledge to its listeners. It definitely tops Trap Music which glorifies drugs, alcohol, and purposeless sex. Our people need to be educated and informed through every resource possible.

6. What do you find most attractive in a woman?

The most attractive feature that any woman could possess is CONFIDENCE! Yes, I love hips, thighs, smile, style, but if you have all of that and don’t own it, I can’t believe it. A woman that loves herself despite what others think, loves the way she looks, loves the way she speaks, loves the way her hair falls in the morning, and knows that she was fearfully and WONDERFULLY made, is the woman I want!

7. Party or Kickback?

Kickback. I have never really been the party type. It’s either too hot, or too mixy. In NY, parties are infamous for fights and breakouts, so I definitely would rather kick it with people I know and can genuinely enjoy.

Keep up with Jalen on Instagram: @_nelajalen 

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