Make Your Vote COUNT!

Donald Trump feels untouchable, were two years into his presidency and the calls for his impeachment have silenced. Millions of Americans sleep restless at night wondering if the nightmare will ever end. They feel powerless and unheard but, there’s a solution: November 6th, 2018 is our midterm election, and it is huge.


Both the House of Representatives and Senate have seats at stake, 435 and 33 respectively. This means, if we vote Democrat, we can keep President Trump's discriminatory bills at bay. If either the House or Senate flips, Republicans won’t have control of Congress anymore and they won’t be able to push their agenda. Furthermore, if either part or Congress flips, there is a significant chance that the investigations into President Trump will continue.


Democrats will also have the power to veto Trump’s nominees for Judges. With Kavanaugh’s appointment we’ve seen the type of people he thinks are fit for the job. Also, a majority of the 2021 redistricting will be determined by this election.


The last day to register to vote is coming up or has already passed for a few states so make sure you register as soon as possible.


Here are the registration deadlines in each state:

This is our future, have a say.