A Major Conflict

College can be the most amazing four years of your life while simultaneously making you want to rip your hair out. The challenge most college students face is choosing a major. Not many first-year students are even 100% sure what to eat for dinner, let alone how to make a decision that will affect their entire life! To ease the pain, here are a few pieces of advice to take your journey to a major from dreadful to productive.


  1. Choose a major you’re passionate about

After you receive your bachelor’s degree, your major will become more than just courses; it will become your career. Therefore, when crafting your career path, keep your happiness in mind at all times. Far too often, incoming college students choose a major with dollar signs in their eyes instead of following their heart’s calling. When I started college I chose a major in the School of Business because I saw the money that came from the business world and I had not yet decided on a major. I learned the hard way that the corporate world was not my niche. Once I made the decision to follow my love for writing, I have seen nothing but positive growth towards my career. Like anything, your career needs a solid foundation and building it on a “chase a check” platform will leave it susceptible to completely crumbling in the midst of workplace adversity. You are more likely to succeed and put your best foot forward in a career when the motivation comes from sheer passion and not desire for wealth.


      2. Your journey is yours and yours alone

While everyone is seemingly prospering in their major and you’re still trying to figure out which route you want to take, remember that your journey to contentment in your career path is made uniquely for you. Keeping tabs on other’s achievements will only stifle you in your progression. A motto that has driven me along my journey is: “No one is you and that is your power.” So, keep that in mind the next time you begin to compare your advancement to that of others.


     3. Play the field

When in doubt, do your research! The best way to zero in on a major that fits you is to explore your options. Most universities do not require you to declare a major until sophomore year, which gives you two semesters to get an idea of what you may spend the rest of your life doing. If you need a little support during this process, The College Board company has implemented a helpful tool into the Big Future avenue of their brand. This tool allows you to search through an online database of majors and career ideas based on your interests, hobbies, and things that compel you to learn more.


If you take nothing else away from these tips, at least take this: the path to your dream major will be no walk in the park, but there is something out there for everyone. With that being said, relax. Take a deep breath and know that, though you don’t have it all figured out right now, you will find that career path made just for you. Just be patient with yourself and with the process.