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Know Yourself, Know Your Worth Part 1: The Acknowledgement



Alright, let’s talk. It’s 2019 and the self-love wave has been going strong for a while now and of course, this is an incredibly necessary course of action. Let’s be real though, self-love and being 100% aware of who we are as individuals are much more than just a social wave to ride. 

We preach about self-love to our loved ones and even strangers easily but what about preaching to ourselves? Why is it so easy to tell someone that understanding themselves and using that knowledge to successfully navigate their journey is the key to life, but when it’s time to use that same advice for ourselves we’re conveniently forgetful. 

Take a moment and try to analyze yourself from the outside looking in. Before you even think about who you want to be, consider who you are currently. Often times we like to create a fictional version of ourselves to blend in with the people around us without even realizing it, so we become confused with who we are.


Now I know self-reflection isn’t the easiest thing to do, nor is it the most comfortable, but let’s talk about why you have to do it. Being certain of who you are is the catalyst for the trajectory of your life. It’s what determines the type of people you end up surrounding yourself with and it also dictates how you allow people to behave towards you. That knowledge is also what makes sure you don’t end up stuck in a major and later, a career field because you were too busy following the vision others had for you since you had none for yourself. 


I’m going to leave you with a few things to consider and hopefully, they can make everything a bit clearer for you. Think about your current friend group. Would the version of yourself that you perceive to be the real you actually be okay with having them as friends? What about that significant, or not so significant, other of yours? Would you, at your best self, even look in their direction? Ever thought about that major that you’re stressing yourself over? Are you pursuing it because you’re genuinely passionate about the work you can do in that field or have you just convinced yourself that it’s the only path available if you want to be great? If you can answer those questions with confidence then great! But if you can’t then maybe it’s time to go back and reevaluate your life.

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