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It’s PinkPantheress’ World, And We’re Just Living In It

One of the most amazing feelings is finding a new artist and instantly falling in love with their music and vibe. You feel like you’re on a musical cloud nine – like could just play the songs over and over again! That is what Miss PinkPantheress’ music does for me. Who is PinkPantheress, you ask? She’s a young girl from the UK who has a “grunge-punk” aesthetic, and often produces a nostalgic vibe in her music videos. She recently gained a mass amount of followers and has grown a substantial fan base, after the music video for her song “Just For Me” went viral on Twitter and Tik Tok. She attracted a lot of attention, simply because her music is different and brings you back to the early 2000s. As a society, we love things that take us back to a time that we loved, or a time that we didn’t get to experience because we were either too young. So it comes as no surprise that PinkPantheress is taking off and gaining popularity. 

So, are you ready to give PinkPantherees a listen? Great! I’ve provided a shortlist with some of my favorite songs by her. I am sure after you give them a listen, you will also be joining the PinkPantheress fanbase!

  1. Pain 
  2. Break It Off 
  3. I Must Apologize 
  4. Just For Me
  5. Reason 

Music is one of the best things that this world has to offer to us. It can make you feel good when you’re down, help you put words to feelings you may have, and remind you of good and bad memories. With that being said, it is important to note that there are so many different genres and artists to listen to, and to truly experience all the beauty that music has to offer, you must expand your horizons and listen to all these different genres and artists! PinkPantheress is taking over & I promise you will want to be there to witness it! 

My name is Lauren. I am senior, advertising major, sports administration minor from Los Angeles,California.
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